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Living Areas and Bedrooms: 

Removing Cobwebs and general dusting 
Doors, frames and wall spot cleaning 
Radiators cleaned front and bottom 
Light switches and plug sockets 
Light fittings/lampshades cleaned 
Carpets vacuumed and edged 
Windows, sills, frames and tracks/poles 
Window blinds cleaned 
Skirting boards dusted 
Stairs, skirts and bannister cleaned 
Clean inside wardrobes and drawers 
Clean behind/underneath furniture 

Limescale removal on taps, shined 
Limescale removal from glass shower screens 
Shower trays, tiles and plug inlets 
Showerhead limescale removal 
Bathroom furniture cleaned 
Cobwebs and wall spots removed 
Windows, frames, sills and tracks cleaned 
Blinds fully cleaned and dusted 
Skirting boards dusted and wiped down 
Mirrors cleaned and shined 
Toilets cleaned, scaled, cleaned behind and shined 
Floors washed 
Light switches and Plug sockets cleaned 
Light fittings and Lampshades cleaned 
Boiler room and airing cupboard 
Utility rooms, shelves and appliances 

Studio Flat £150
1 Bed £150  £200
2 Bed £150- £200

3. Bed £250- £300

4 Bed £300- £350
5 Bed £350- £400
6 Bed £400- £500
7 Bed £500 ... 
We are fully insured. 
Excellent reference. 

The maintenance service starts from £25/ h per maintenance.

We are fully insured. 
Excellent reference. 

We are committed to making our customers happy; give us a call to see what we can do for you. 

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