Clean house

24. Sep, 2016

What needs to be cleaned daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

 They claim you should wipe down your shower walls with a squeegee daily

 You should clean out your fridge and clean your microwave once a week

  Vacuum your vents and clean your dishwasher once a month

  Wash your pillows and doona every three to six months


You should be making your bed and cleaning your dirty dishes every day. Not much of a surprise there- pretty much everyone does that.

Other things you should do daily include wiping down kitchen surfaces and tables, sweep your floors and do your laundry. While some people do these daily, we'd bet most houses can go a couple of days between doing these chores without any major upheaval.  

What is surprising is some of the other advice, like for example that you should be wiping down bathroom surfaces, using a squeegee on your shower walls and santising your bathroom and kitchen sinks every day. 


Most people would vacuum their floors once a week, but maybe not vacuum their furniture that often (as is recommended).

Many people too probably go longer than one week between cleaning out their fridge or wiping down their kitchen appliances, as the experts at Good Housekeeping say you should. 

Changing bedding once a week and mopping the floors is pretty commonplace, and will help your home feel fresh. But how many people actually thoroughly clean the inside of their microwave every week?

We would guess not many.


 It's generally believed that once a month you should have a 'big' clean of your house-or at least that's the advice I got from my mum. Good Housekeeping says that some of the things you should do once a month include vacuuming your vents and woodwork and dust and clean all your light fixtures.

 You should also, apparently, clean your dishwasher, vacuum and washing machine once a month, something many people probably forget. 


This is where the list starts to get tricky. I'm sure that some people go years without washing their pillows or doona, but you should go a maximum of six months between sticking them in the washing machine according to Good Housekeeping.

The experts also say that you should clean your deck and outdoor furniture every three to six months, as well as under and behind indoor furniture. 

 Other things you probably aren't doing that frequently include cleaning out your freezer, cleaning inside your fridge, or cleaning your oven. Same goes for washing your shower curtain and vacuuming your mattress.

However the suggestion you should clean your bins at least every three to six months is probably a good one- they can get very stinky every easily.


Since you've been doing so much constant cleaning, there actually isn't too much that the experts suggest need to be done once a year.

If you've got one, you should be cleaning your fireplace and chimney once a year. The same applied for if you're in a freestanding house and have gutters. 

But everyone should be cleaning their carpet and deep cleaning their windows once a year, as well as washing their curtains.  

Good luck!